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Joey Capo is an Italian-Vietnamese music recording singer/songwriter and Producer. Capo offers a dark, chill, atmospheric take on POP and Contemporary R&B with catchy melodic vocals through out his music. Capo was born and raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He began writing music at 16 and by age 20, he started teaching himself how to produce his own records.

In May of 2018, he relocated to Los Angeles, California to further grow his music career. In 2020 he released an EP titled “New Moon” which Capo began to get the recognition he deserved. His main single on the EP was not only an international sensation, but was also nominated for R&B record of the year for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards. 
Capo continues to climb this “ladder of success,” as he goes on to set the mood for all his listeners around the world. Painting a vivid picture from beginning to end in every song he creates, never losing sight on the true passion he has for music. With Joey Capo’s fast rise to fame, he is one music recording artist in todays new school era you should keep an eye on as he goes on to pave his own way to the top.

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